We spend so much of our time in the office that it is extremely important to have comfortable ergonomic chairs to sit on. One of our favourite brands that we are pleased to stock is Orangebox, a company who continuously research and innovate to achieve the best insight possible when it comes to designing and manufacturing their products.


Established in the summer of 2002, Orangebox set out to analyse and create office furniture that would offer design choice and function diversity. They wished to collaborate with their clients, helping to engineer ways that would transform the efficiency and performance of their seating. This involved balancing physical lightness and durability with value, continuous performance and environmental friendliness.


Orangebox have worked tirelessly to build their reputation in this field and have succeeded in delivering responsive, fully integrated services to customers all over the world. Their product range continues to expand, putting in groundwork towards creating complete recyclability and sustainability, whilst offering the highest quality on new and innovative designs that are increasingly more customisable towards clients requirements.  


Here are five great Orangebox chairs that you can find on our website today.



Orangebox Joy Chair


This is a stylish and comfortable chair that is suitable for most offices. It is available in two colours and two base options, with adjustable arms that will help to support you whilst you are working. The ergonomic design will offer essential support when seated, with an enhanced working position that will help to reduce aches and pains associated with extended periods of sitting at a desk. Castors will offer effortless manoeuvring around the office.

Orangebox Eva Task Chair


Offering a fantastic user experience, this chair features specially contoured seats and backs that will give instant comfort whether you are sat down for an hour or a whole day. The lightweight chair is made from two thirds aluminium, meaning it is easy to manoeuvre yet strong and durable.


Orangebox Calder Meeting Room Chair


The Calder is a comfortable office chair that’s perfect for any style of conference or meeting room. It has a sturdy 4 star base, with a tilting mechanism, a cushioned seat and cushioned backrest for ultimate comfort. Available in 4 colours, your guests and colleagues will feel comfortable and at ease for a meeting of any length.

Orangebox Seren Chair


The Seren chair is highly customisable and can be modified to suit the individual needs of your business. It’s key features include a moulded foam back and seat cushions for maximum comfort and durability, synchronous and weight balance actions, soft touch arm pads and a fully adjustable seating position. There is also an option to have an ergonomic headrest which will help to provide much needed neck support. The made to order chair can be customised with different fabric options, castor size, inflatable lumbar supports and much more. This really is the ultimate ergonomic chair!

Orangebox Bloom Swivel Chair


Providing a modern and contemporary chair for your comfort needs, the Bloom swivel chair is multi-use for a meeting room, home office or business office. It has an upright position design, that has a refined level of comfort in mind. It has been manufactured from moulded foam to give a high level of bespoke comfort and durability. The comfortable chair has standard castors and gliders for ease of movement, whilst the base and column are available in a variety of finishes.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick