LP25_01_clear_aThere are numerous monitor risers, laptop stands and other ergonomic accessories on desktop innovations, and you'd only have to visit a handful of our product pages before you began to notice that a great many of them are made from acrylic plastic. Acrylic is one of the most popular and well known types of plastic, and it is easy to understand why once you know about the many benefits this material has to offer.

Acrylic first became prominent as an alternative to glass windows and panels, mainly due to its high transparent clarity and its resistance to impact (which is 10 times that of glass), and it soon became popular amongst DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists; thanks to its malleability and the ease with which it can be worked. It is a combination of these aspects and more that have led us to believe that acrylic is the ideal material to build our ergonomic aids and desk furniture out of.

Acrylic Properties

One of the best known properties of acrylic is its clear glass-like appearance, but it is also available in a wide range of colours. Thanks to this varied colour palette, there is a piece of acrylic furniture for any possible style of home or office, and if the piece you want is not immediately available in the colour you desired, it is no problem whatsoever to have one custom made.

DB23 imac colours


Computers, monitors, laptops and printers are by no means inexpensive, which is why you'll want to make sure that the stand you place them on will be able to support them comfortably. Fortunately for us, acrylic is a very sturdy material, and so long as you do not soak an acrylic monitor stand in alcohol before placing your screen on it, you will be able to rest easy.


It seems that these days things are not made to last, which is probably why the phrase “they do not make them like they used to” is almost constantly ringing in our ears. As an advocate for acrylic we have to say that we resent the remark, as acrylic has only been widely used for around 50 years and it is undeniably one of the most durable and hard wearing materials available.

For example, you may be initially attracted to a metallic stand, due to the perception of it being tough, rugged and unwaveringly stalwart. It's true, a lot of metal stands will start out strong, but as time goes by their protective coats will degrade and they will soon tarnish. Acrylic stands do not need protective coatings, as it is inherently hardy and does not react poorly with the surrounding environment.


This affects us as the manufacturer more than it would somebody using an acrylic stand, but because of the material's malleability it can be easily worked and shaped into any number of possible designs. This allows us to make stands to suit various sizes of screens and subtly alter their design, when needs be, to ensure that they complement the latest model or style of computer monitor.


One of the main reasons acrylic is as an excellent workable material is that, as a thermoplastic, it goes soft when it is exposed to a high enough temperature. Once soft, acrylic can be shaped to suit numerous designs that many other materials cannot achieve without being cut and adhered together, which causes areas of weakness.

Talking about temperature and softening, let us put a common concern to rest. Some people are weary to use acrylic around their computers because of the high temperatures their equipment can generate. Acrylic has a melting point of 160°C, a temperature that no computer would be able to reach unless it had burst into flames (at which point the stand is probably the least of your problems).