The idea of having two monitors may seem over the top to some, but for the majority of office workers it can be a blessing.

Optimising your workspace with two monitors can save you time in your day and can also increase your productivity. They can help to reduce the time and stress that can often be caused by needing to minimise and maximise your windows, which can sometimes result in closing them by mistake.

What can I do with two monitors?

Tasks such as undertaking research and data entry will be made easier, with your main document open on one screen and the research material on the other. You can also compare things side by side, which can reduce the risk of mistakes being made by losing your place in a document by opening and closing reports. Ultimately having two monitors offers you more flexibility with your work.

How should I position two monitors on my desk?

First of all, set both of your screens to the same resolution using the control panels and then clear space on your desk to make manoeuvring the monitors easier. Both monitors should be positioned so that your head and neck can be kept straight, with your eyes in line with the top of the units.

Using a monitor stand can help to lift the screens higher if you are quite tall and need help to bring them up to eye level. A monitor stand can also help to create extra space on your desk with room underneath, which is perfect for keeping any paperwork or files that you may need to move in order to fit the extra monitor on your desk.

Angle your monitors inwards just slightly, as this will help to reduce the need for too many neck movements. Use one keyboard and one mouse, which can both be positioned straight in front of you. If you tend to use one monitor more than the other, position your keyboard so that the H character is in line with the centre of this screen.

What if the two monitors are different sizes?

If your monitors are not the same size you can use a monitor riser to even out the difference. Should your second screen be a laptop, there are specific laptop stands which will lift it up to the required height to make it level with your other monitor. 

It is also possible to stack monitors vertically and use more than 2 monitors in some working environments. Monitor arms are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of installation, range of position and height options and the extra desk space they can provide.