When it comes to the workplace, the last thing we want to do is keep it clean and tidy. While some of us may have wonderful cleaners that empty the bins and hoover the floor, what about all the other… ‘stuff’ that gets left lying around? From the big boss right down to the person on work experience, no one has the time to tidy up and make sure things are organised.

However, by taking office organisation seriously we can seriously improve the office environment and increase efficiency. Just think, if everything was in the right place, how much time would be saved because staff don’t have to search for it? To that extent, here are our top tips on organising your office.

Think About Feng Shui

OK, maybe that’s taking things a bit too far but the principal remains. When sorting out the office and deciding where things go, make a point of grouping materials or resources together that are used together (just like you would teams of people).

So for instance, if you’ve got a printer, scanner, photocopier and related pieces of stationery, put them all in one area. That way, whenever someone prints something they can photocopy it and staple it without having to walk to the other side of the room.

Introduce A Clear Desk Policy

“OK everyone, we’re introducing a new requirement whereby every desk must be cleared at the end of the day.” Queue groans from employees. This is a scene that has been played out in many workplaces over the years but the majority will tell you what a positive difference it’s made.

Not only will everything be returned to its rightful place, it helps to present a clutter-free working environment as well as helping to de-clutter the mind. When employees return to work in the morning they will be able to start afresh, ready to tackle that day’s problems.

File & Destroy

This is a tip that can be used in one’s personal life as well as in the workplace. It’s fairly simple and there are only two rules: if you’re likely to need something again, file it or store it away, if you won’t need it, throw it away.

Clutter is something that a lot of us with live with, often unnecessarily. In the workplace it can lead to a huge amount of lost time, not to mention wasted space. By maintaining a clear, organised environment it’s much easier to find exactly what you need.

Go Wireless…Or See Wires Less

Practically every task that’s undertaken in an office in the modern era requires some sort of electronic input. Whether it’s a computer, phone, printer, chargers or even a desk fan, everything seems to have a wire – and we all know the problems wires can cause.

To negate the impact wires can have in a messy, unorganised office there are two steps to take. Firstly, go wireless. Mice, keyboards, printers and many more items can now be bought wirelessly, removing the need for wires in essential work spaces. With the remaining wires, make sure you use cable wraps to keep them all together and out of the way.

There are many, many tips available for organising work spaces. In fact, everywhere you look there will be people telling you how best to organise an office. But there is one factor that every article or blog will have in common – they identify an individual problem, tackle it head on and provide a simple solution. By enacting even one or two of the solutions, it is guaranteed to have a noticeable impact on the work environment and, ultimately, efficiency.

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