Working in an office environment, we have all fallen victim to the horror of a boring team building day. Where you and your colleagues are forced into strange situations involving moving planks of wood from one side of a field to the other, or falling backwards with your eyes closed, praying that someone, if anyone, catches you.

Here at Desktop Innovations we have been on the hunt for fun team building activities that will get your colleagues and employees out of the office chair and interacting with their fellow “Desk Buddies” without the need to book any locations and with minimal props.

1. Dance Off

This may seem bizarre for professionals to do, but that's the point. The fun is in the silliness.

dance off

How To Play:

  • Split everyone into two groups.
  • Each team is given a dance routine to rehearse.
  • Then come together in a dance off.
  • The team who perform it better are the winners.

2. Helium Stick

Basic, but full of laughs.

People holding stick

How To Play:

  • You are divided into two teams, and are given a stick.
  • The aim is to lower the stick to the floor before the other team.
  • Usually the stick just continues to go up, not down.


3.  Who Done It?

A classic that everyone enjoys, but this one has a twist.

magnifying glass, who done it

How To Play:

  • Everyone in the office closes their eyes and the game controller (who has been selected beforehand) chooses someone at random to be the kidnapper and another to be the  victim.
  • The victim is then removed from the room and then the team have to follow clues to unmask the kidnapper. The twist? No-one knows that the kidnapper has been a part of the team the whole time.

4. Mine Field

Can be played as one large team.

blindfold office game

How To Play:

  • Someone is blind folded and obstacles are placed all over the floor to create obstacles.
  • As a team you guide them through the obstacles.

5. Two Truths and a Lie

Learn about your colleagues on a more personal level.

writing on card

How To Play:

  • Each person writes down two facts about themselves (the more obscure the better) and one lie.
  • Each person then mingles with others and has to try and guess which are truths and which is a lie.

A great game for bonding within small teams.

6. The Company Game Show

The aim of the game is for employees to demonstrate their knowledge of the company. Putting it in this familiar fun format encourages healthy competition, whilst allowing each member to express their passion for their job.

people playing game show

How To Play:

  • A Game Show Host is selected (a manager usually fits the profile quite well) and then questions are fired at two different teams.
  • For a more fun quiz, try including some personal questions such as the manager's middle name.

7. Making Something Out of Nothing

This helps employees think more on the spot. Helping to develop faster thinking as well as testing initiative.

something out of nothing

How To Play:

  • Divide the team into groups of 2-3 members.
  • Give them all a bag containing the same props. (These can be typical items found around the office to help save expense).
  • The task? To make a short 5 minute skit or play including the objects.
  • Everyone then votes for who they thought was the best.

This always ends in laughter, and helps team members to be more creative.

8. A Good Old Race

Something that is guaranteed to be fun is a race to complete, well, just about anything really.

people racing

How To Play:

  • Two teams race against each other to complete a task.
  • Whether this be the first team to create a the most paper aeroplanes, or the first team to win an obstacle race, it' all good old fun.

9. What Is That?

A simple game that can be played anywhere, at any time.

fold paper what is that

How To Play:

  • Split everyone into two teams.
  • Each team is given a piece of paper and a series of basic things to fold it into.
  • The team who guesses correctly first wins.

No one needs to be an expert in origami, they just have to think outside the blank paper box.

10. Create Your Own

This gives employees a chance to put across new ideas and hopefully encourages them to express themselves more in the work place.

people laughing

How To Play:

  • Everyone is split into groups of no more than five people.
  • The task is to complete a new team building idea that can be used at future events.
  • All ideas need to be original, and get people working together.

And there you have it. Ten different team building ideas that get colleagues and employees interacting and bonding without the fear of boring pointless tasks.