With the country being advised to work from home wherever possible during the worldwide CoronaVirus outbreak, it has never been more important to set up a comfortable and efficient working environment that is within your own four walls. 

We have put together an easy to follow guide that can help you to achieve this, with simple steps that you can continue to use long after the virus has subsided. 

Keep to your routine

The first thing you should do is try to keep to your normal daily schedule, starting work at the usual time, stopping for a lunch break and making the effort to get dressed rather than sitting at your home desk in your pyjamas. This will help you to stay motivated for work and will ensure that you do not find day to day life a struggle when things return to normal.

Find a good space to work in

Not everyone has a spare room to set up as a home office, but that does not mean you will be unable to create a peaceful area that you can concentrate in. You could temporarily convert a dressing table into a desk, enabling you to close the bedroom door to the rest of the world. A kitchen table will suffice also, simply clear it of any clutter and inform other members of the household that the area is out of bounds between certain times. If you are lucky enough to have an outbuilding such as an insulated garage or hobby shed that has access to WiFi, then this will work perfectly for giving you and your brain breathing space to carry on with your usual office duties. If you need some help in changing the use of your kitchen table or work bench into a suitable desk, take a look at our standing desk converters which can help to solve your issue.

Choose the correct chair

As with times when you are spending time in the office, a comfortable chair is key to a productive day of work. This may involve some trial and error, testing each chair throughout the house until you are happy. An adjustable chair would be ideal, enabling you to alter it to match your new desk space. If you find that you are struggling to find a suitable chair within your home, take a look at our range of office chairs which are available for delivery. It is an item that is worth the investment and is sure to get continued use long after this health crisis is over.

Create an ergonomic desk

If you have a desk space that is just not the correct height, or that you feel you would be more comfortable for standing at, take a look at our standing desk converters. These are easy to set-up, can be adjusted to your desired height and can also be taken into the workplace for continued use at a later date. If you have no desk at all, perhaps consider a height adjustable standing desk, which has many benefits for your health during the working day, such as:

  • Being able to switch easily between sitting and standing positions
  • Reducing strain on the back and muscular discomfort
  • Raises alertness and concentration which increases productivity
  • You can adjust the desk to suit the task you are performing at the time

Keep in touch with your team

Working on your own is not for everyone, so make sure that you keep in touch with your colleagues via your company chat room, by email or by phone. This will help to ensure that you are all still working to the same beat of the drum, as well as giving some light relief to a working day that must continue even in the light of these unprecedented times. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about products that can help you to achieve your work from home goals. 

From us all at Desktop Innovations, keep well and look after each other.