Having a clean and clutter free office can work wonders for the overall functionality of your business, and yet so many people allow their offices to get incredibly messy. Of course, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything all of the time, particularly when you’re very busy - though you should always find time for an office spring clean!

Having the occasional whip round the office and encouraging your employees to keep their personal workstations in good order is a great, though you should not underestimate the power of a thorough office cleanse.

After all, what is spring all about? - Rebirth and the promise of growth. What better a time to clear out all of the rubbish in your office and start fresh? A clutter free environment is essential if you want to boost productivity! Not only that, but getting everyone together for a mass clean is a brilliant team building and bonding exercise! Want to know more? Read on for the Ultimate Office Spring Cleaning Checklist:

1 - Turn Up the Radio!

Cleaning isn’t particularly very fun at the best of times, but if there’s one thing that can make it even remotely enjoyable, it’s blasting out some music! Watch as everyone buzzes around the office, dusting and dancing away as they go.

2 - Get Everyone to Clean and Organise Their Workstation

The first step is easy enough! Have everyone clean their own workstations. Begin by throwing out any old documents and other bits that are no longer in use. Then they should remove everything from their desks so that they can thoroughly dust and scrub everything down - A microfibre cleaning cloth is perfect for this!

  • A compressed air duster is great for cleaning keyboards and clearing the dust from inside computer vents
  • Untangle any computer cables and cords
  • Sort through and clear out all desk drawers
  • Throw out old or defective stationary & replenish supplies (Fill staplers / empty hole punches etc)
  • Dust & desanitise phones
  • Dust and clean chair (get into all the nooks and crannies!)
  • Consider desktop organiser trays for easy storage and easy access to important documents

3 - Clean & Update Your Computer Systems

When all hands are on deck and you’re having a thorough clean of your office environment, it is the perfect time to clean & update your computer systems. If done properly, everyone’s computer should be running faster and more efficiently.

  • Update your apps and operating systems to the most recent versions
  • Scan system wide for viruses and spyware
  • Cleanse any unused files
  • Clear caches and cookies from internet browsers
  • Disk utility clean up
  • Uninstall unused applications

4 - Sort Filing Cabinets & Supply Drawers

Arguably the least exciting job of them all, but one of the most important. Invariably over time, you always end up holding onto rubbish that you no longer need. We would advise going through all of your filing cabinets and checking your documents for files that are no longer valid. It’s a long-winded task, though definitely worth it!

5 - Cleanse Kitchen / Lunch Area

It’s time to cleanse the kitchen area of your office. That means deep cleaning the microwave, and emptying out the fridge for a good scrub down from top to bottom! Give everyone enough notice, and then throw anything left in the fridge, away. You should aim to do this regularly to keep your fridge germ-free and smelling fresh!

  • Clear out fridge
  • Scrub all appliances thoroughly
  • Deep clean any cups/glasses and cutlery
  • Hoover and clean the breakroom
  • Hang a few notices urging staff to take care when using the area and to clean up after themselves!

6 - Dust, Feed & Prune Your Plants

If you don’t have any plants, then get some! A green office is a happier, healthier environment.

  • Prune plants and cut away old / dead leaves
  • Re-pot and change soil if necessary

7 - Fresh Decor

This step isn’t essential, but it’s a great way of mixing things up in your office and keeping things exciting. For example, you could replace any old pictures or paintings with some new, exciting art, or something as simple as giving the office a fresh lick of paint.

8 - General Cleaning

  • Clean Windows
  • Hoover throughout entire office
  • Dust out / hoover any rugs or carpet areas
  • Polish laminate flooring if applicable
  • Clean lighting fixtures
  • Dust and clean blinds
  • Tidy reception area / throw out any dated magazines and replace


Again, having a clean office environment contributes greatly towards the overall productivity of your office. If you pull everyone together and scrub your office from top to bottom, not only will everyone feel a great sense of achievement, but they’ll be feeling a lot more motivated by the end of it.

Yes, there will be a few moans and groans when you announce that everyone has to muck-in for a Spring Clean. But, if you try to make it as fun as possible, you’ll get the best results!

For example, you could let everyone have a dress down day when you do your Spring Clean. Everyone will feel more at ease in their own clothes when they’re having to clean the office - you wouldn’t want to be on your hands in knees scrubbing in smart trousers and a shirt. There are many things that you can do to make an office spring clean more exciting, just use your imagination. But most importantly, have fun!