It is unlikely in today's world that you will go a day without interacting with a computer of some sort, be it an iPad, a smart phone, a laptop, or even just a standard desktop. Despite the emergence of smaller computing devices, like iPads and smart phones, many of us still use desktop computers and laptops. Whether we use them for work, gaming, or even just to keep up with friends on social media, no one just hops on to a computer for a few minutes, in fact studies have shown that in America the average person spends over Two hours a day on a computer, and a similar trend has emerged in the UK.

Two hours spent continuously sat at a computer desk is not great for your body, as your skeletal structure has not been built to maintain a seated position for that long, however those who work with computers, and are likely to spend the better part of eight hours sat at a workstation, put their bodies under enormous strain. Without the use of ergonomic monitor risers and laptop stands, regular long-term computer use will quickly result in aches, strains and pains developing, and you will soon regret not using one.

The benefits of ergonomic monitor risers and laptop stands are numerous, and depending on the style of the stand they will also bestow additional health benefits. The chief benefit of the two is that they provide the means to place a computing device, especially the screen, at a height that does not require the user to strain their neck or assume a bad posture in order to use the device comfortable. Any ergonomically designed laptop stand will also have the additional purpose of placing the integrated keyboard at a level that allows the user to type without having to strain their wrists.

Monitor risers ought to position a screen so that the top of the screen's frame is at eye level, thereby preventing ocular fatigue and neck train. As a result of this many monitor stands have a degree of flexibility, and can be adjusted to suit each individual user's height. Some laptop stands also grant a degree of flexibility, but because laptops are inherently more adjustable than desktops, stands designed for laptops tend to focus more on adjustable angles and positioning, rather than height.

Ergonomic Stands & Risers On Desktop Innovations

On Desktop innovations we pride ourselves on delivering quality ergonomic accessories, and our computer stands and risers are no exception. As well as providing the functions you'd expect from an ergonomic stand, many of the risers in our range have additional properties that make them even more comfortable and practical for use. These are just a few examples of the ergonomic monitor risers and laptop stands that we have to offer on Desktop Innovations.

Ergonomic iMac Monitor Stand

Available in a range of different colours, including glass effect, anthracite and pearl, these stands have been designed solely for the Apple iMac computer. In addition to providing an ergonomic height boost, this stand also has a built in shelf that can be used to store keyboards and loose papers whilst they're not in use. Perfect for home or office use, this iMac stand reduces the strain placed on the user's body whilst providing them with the means to keep their work surface tidy and free from clutter.

Economy Height Adjustable Monitor Stand


Ideal for those who have just moved into a new office space and want to provide their employees with the means to work safely, this monitor stand can be easily adjust to suit its users preferences and is keenly priced to ensure that everybody wins! With a sturdy platform and four solid, stable legs, this monitor stand is tough enough to support screens up to 24” in width.

Stackable Monitor Stand & Paper Tray Unit

No matter what you do in life, organisation is an essential skill to have and this monitor stand has been made with that thought in mind. Each layer of the stand not only raises the screen to a more ergonomic height, but also doubles as a storage / paper tray that can be used to keep work surfaces free and clear. It takes between 3 and 5 individual layers to bring the stand to an ideal viewing height, which means you will have ample storage space available to you.

Laptop Lap Desk

Laptop Lap Desk

Whether you're commuting to work on a train or sitting in bed watching a movie, this laptop stand is designed to place laptops at a height that is comfortable to view and to use. It has a built-in mouse mat that makes external mouse use convenient and it can be folded down flat to ensure that where ever your laptop goes it can go to.

Rotating Laptop Stand

Some people's work takes them all over the country, but from time to time they will have to go back to the office to get some old fashioned admin done. This stand is not quite as portable as most other stands, but it is ideal for home or office use, as it raises laptops to a more ergonomic viewing position and has an integrated fan that prevents the laptop from overheating. There is also an in-built external keyboard holder and the stand can tilt to make viewing the screen easier and using the laptop keyboard easier.