An increasingly popular addition to many offices is that of the standing desk. Employers have become aware of how they can help their staff to be more comfortable throughout the day, which can influence their level of productivity.

If you are new to the idea of a standing desk, here is a quick guide to the main features and the benefits that it can bring.

It can be used by everyone

A standing desk will be easy to adjust to a suitable height. No matter how tall you are, the desk will have a level at which you are comfortable to stand. With the simple press of a button the desk will move up or down, perfect for when different people may use it on different days. A memory function can store these height choices, meaning that time will be saved in having to re-calibrate the desk height each time someone new needs to use it. 

Reduces strain on the back

When we sit in a chair, we have a tendency to slouch forwards or sideways. By the end of the day this slouching can affect our posture, giving us aching backs, necks and sometimes a headache. When standing at a desk you are guaranteed to hold yourself in a more comfortable position, with your back straight and untwisted. 

Can be used sitting or standing

With a standing desk there is no need to restrict yourself to one position. You may prefer to stand in the morning and then sit in the afternoon, so simply lower the desk using the control, spin your chair over and then settle in for the rest of the day. This prevents the need for needing two styles of desk in the office, saving both space and money.

Interact more with colleagues

When employees or managers walk around the office, they may find that it is sometimes hard to speak to someone whilst towering over them at their desk. A standing desk removes this awkwardness, as you are all at the same level and can avoid neck strain of your own from bending down to speak to them at seat level. It can also help with meetings and presentations, as there is no need to squeeze several chairs into one small space. Everyone can stand close enough to see the monitors and be comfortable whilst doing it. 

It can help you to stay healthy and lose weight

There have been studies to show that people who sit down all day are at a greater risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Standing can also help you to burn more calories than sitting, which in the long term helps our overall well-being. This is a benefit for both the employer and the employee, as there should be less sick days taken and fewer cases of long term time off.

It can make you happier

Standing instead of sitting can reduce fatigue and boost your mood. Energy levels are higher, with less cases of anxiety and stress reported. 

There are so many benefits to investing in standing desks for your office, for both employers and staff. Here at Desktop Innovations we stock a wide range of different standing desks. Visit our website for a browse or contact us to discuss your needs.