There are many reasons why having a laptop stand is good for your physical well-being. We all know from our many health and safety talks from our time in the office about the importance of preventing repetitive strain. That is why it is vital we create an ergonomic workspace at our desks, as most of us spend 35+ hours sat in the same spot staring at the same screen. Yet, have you ever thought about the versatility of your workspace? Can you easily take your workspace solutions home with you? Or take it on the go?

That is why our Flatpack Adjustable Angled Clear Laptop Stand is a must-have, and we are here to tell you exactly why.

Using this stand in your office space has a multitude of benefits. If you are running to and from meetings, you can easily pick up your laptop with the stand and take it from room to room. You won’t be compromising your physical health as you will consistently be preventing eye strain.

Working from home has become the norm over the past 18 months, and for many workplaces, this will remain the case. Working from home is beneficial for those looking for a more flexible work life, but it also prevents as many people from commuting to and from work. This is not only better for people’s pockets, but it is also better for the planet! When you are working from home, you may decide that you need a change of scenery to better your productivity or mental wellbeing. Maybe your current workspace is too dark, and it is making you feel sluggish. Taking advantage of the sunny spring weather outside is and heading out into the garden on to complete your daily tasks is an easy thing to do with our flatpack stand. The natural bright light will wake you up and boost motivation. Our stand will make working from home a breeze. Remember to stay hydrated and put on some sun cream!

Maybe you are busy travelling from different workplaces, and often stop off in coffee shops for lunch and want to be able to keep track of your emails and continue working on projects. Our stand is extremely easy to store in your bag as it is flatpack and slimline. This means you can carry it around with you wherever you go and set up a workstation with ease. This stand will be your favourite workplace companion!

Having a simple and versatile workspace solution makes your busy working life easier. To shop now, head to this link: