If you have spent any time on our site you will quickly come to realise that we love good posture, and we try our hardest to help people improve theirs. But why should you care about your posture?  Surely your posture is little more than an aesthetic which differs from person to person and simply goes to show the wonderful variations the human body comes in.

Well sadly, no. Most people will not even pay their posture any thought but once you know how it can affect your wellbeing you may take a little more notice. The benefits of a good posture can have an effect on both your health and your overall aesthetic; essentially it can change how you feel and how people view you. The health benefits include:

  • More Efficient Digestion – One of the first symptoms of deteriorating health is impaired digestive efficiency, which can leave you feeling lethargic, bloated and fatigued. Not to mention it can land you in some pretty embarrassing situations (if you catch my drift).
  • Improved Air Flow – When you are hunched over your wind-pipe (trachea) cannot open fully and your lungs cannot expand to the fullest capacity. When you improve your posture you will find breathing considerably easier; a change that can become apparent almost immediately and will only improve from there. If you suffer from a difficulty whilst breathing, or if you smoke, you may want to take this into consideration.
  • Prevents Back Ache – A lot of us work in offices and spend most of our day sat down. Sitting properly does require work on behalf of your muscles, so the urge to slouch and hunch over can develop rather quickly. However this momentary respite can have a serious affect on the health of your spine and your back in general, and what starts off as a little pinch will soon develop into painful back aches and spasms. All of this can be avoided with a little adjustment to your posture.

Other benefits connected to the improvement of posture are reduced tension in the shoulders, maintaining muscle tone and improved concentration.

So what is good posture exactly? The common misconception is that to have a good posture you must keep your back perfectly straight, so when sitting your body would look almost like an ‘L’. As it turns out our spines naturally curved like an ‘S’ but with not a lot of effort they can quickly become bent out of shape. Good posture encourages your spine to retain its natural shape; which spreads the pressure, tension and the weight put upon it more evenly and reduces the wear and tear.