A lack of storage space can often be an issue in an office environment. No matter how big or small the room, that extra area to store files, equipment and product samples seems to elude us.


However, if we are organised and can use a little bit of creativity, there are solutions that will not cost the earth and which will leave our office spaces tidy and clutter free.



1 - Have an office spring clean.

Before you start to plan for extra storage space, you need to know how many items you will need to find room for. Get everyone involved to ensure that no one reveals they have extra things to store after the work has already been done. Ask people to clear their desks of any clutter, to return samples that have been finished with and to remove any empty packaging that should have been taken to recycling long ago. This will allow you to stand back and assess the situation properly.


2 - Rearrange desks to create more space.

This may seem an obvious task, but quite often desks are added to an office to accommodate extra workers, without moving them around first to make more space. Simply altering the layout of your office, by moving desks and cabinet units for example, can make room for extra storage accessories.


3 - Create more room on each desk.

Optimising the space we have available on our desks can go a long way to freeing up more storage in the rest of the office. An Acrylic Desktop Brochure Presenter and Organiser will keep documents tidy and accessible, both on desks and on shelving units, looking incredibly professional and making it easy to access what we need. An annual sort out of paperwork will also help to ensure that extra clutter isn’t being made. Have a clear policy that states how long certain files need to be kept for and plan it into your team's schedule as a yearly task.


4 - Give a printer it’s own space.

It’s surprising how much workspace a printer can take up, especially when you take into account the storage of paper and toner that go with it. A Low Acrylic Printer Stand will help to keep this storage space organised, with a raised platform for the printer and room underneath for the accessories. It can be placed on top of a desk or kept out of sight underneath, depending on how much space you have available.


5 - Reduce your filing cabinet space.

We don’t always have room for full sized filing cabinets, so a smaller alternative is a welcome solution. Try a Clear Acrylic File Carrier, which can be moved around easily by using the side handles. This is far less bulky than a regular filing cabinet, which are difficult to reposition due to their heavy construction.


6 - Maximise your monitor space.

Monitors are not only used on our desks, they can be found in meeting rooms and in other areas around the office. Using a Premium White Stackable Monitor Riser Block will help to create more space underneath the monitor, perfect for paperwork, stationery and remote controls, which often have a way of spilling out onto a desk or even becoming lost.


It can seem a daunting task to try and create more storage in your existing office space. The job is never as bad as you imagine however, with the resulting organisation making the time spent on it seem extremely worth while.