Working in an office environment may not be as hazardous as most, but it would be a mistake to assume that there are no hidden dangers or potential pit-falls that could lead to damage or loss of equipment, physical injury, or possibly worse. Paranoia is not what is required, and fitting the office and all those in it with a nice coat of bubble wrap would be going a little bit overboard; but taking reasonable safety precautions is imperative if you wish to protect those working around you.

We have drawn up a short checklist of questions that should be asked weekly if not daily, which will help monitor the health and safety of an office, and may even pinpoint any issues that need to be remedied.

Are all fire entrances and exits clearly marked & unobstructed?    
Is the correct / suitable fire fighting equipment present?    
Are fire drills held regularly & can they be heard?    
Have all new staff members been informed of fire safety procedures?    
Are first aiders present ?
Have they been made aware of by the rest of the staff?    
Are first aid kits & stations present & clearly marked?    
Are first aid kits fully stocked, in accordance to legal regulations?    
Is the temperature in the office 16°C or above?    
Are reasonable steps taken to prevent discomfort from high temperatures?    
Is the space big enough for the amount of people & equipment in the office?    
Are all the lights working and bright enough, as not to cause eye strain?    
Are floors free from tripping of slipping hazards?    
Are wet floor signs present and used when necessary?    
Do you use thermometers to test the temperature of stored foods?    
Are separate facilities available for each sex & are they marked?    
Are the facilities adequately fitted and in good working condition?    
Is hot and cold water available, along with soap and drying apparatus?    
Are all chairs and tables in good condition and adjustable when appropriate?    
Are storage spaces present, accessible and secure?