With approximately 25% of the UK’s overall population working in offices and with computers daily work place ailments like repetitive strain injuries and ocular fatigue are becoming increasingly prevalent. Worryingly these types of injuries are on the rise else where too as it is not only office workers who spend long periods of time at their computers.

These days’ schools are required to teach computer skills to children from the youngest possible age, with 2-3 year olds being taught with tablets, as well as on how to use and rely upon them. It is for this reason that the number of young people developing repetitive strain injuries and ocular fatigue is also on the increase.

Ergonomic monitor stands are made with the express purpose of reducing the negative effects on the user’s posture and their eyes, by placing the computer screen at a level that is more agreeable to the human bodies natural positioning.

For a monitor stand to be used effectively it would need to position the top of the monitor at your eye level when you’re sat at your desk and assuming your normal seating posture; which we hope is with a straight, up-right back. By doing this you will reduce the strain on your eyes as well as the necessity to hunch over your desk to get a good view of your screen.

Our Monitor Stands

Corner Monitor Stand

Perfect for those who work in cubicles the corner monitor stand’s triangular shape allow it to fit into the corner of even the most cluttered desk. The most attractive feature of this stand is the 3 removable blocks that allow the user to easily set the height of the stand. This makes it perfect for a computer with multiple users such as those in schools and libraries.

Monitor Screen Riser With Copyholder

A great choice of stand for secretaries, students and anyone else who spends a good deal of their time typing up hand written information or referencing hard-copy source material. As an added bonus the base of the stand itself doubles up as a keyboard holder, so when your computer is not in use the keyboard is not taking up desk space.

Articulating Monitor Arm

These monitor arms clamp onto the desk and hold up the screen at a level that is ideal for its user. This is ensured further by the ability to adjust the arm’s height and thus reposition the screen to your ideal level. Another benefit of this arm is its ability to articulate and move the screen with ease, making it great for demonstrating and showing off what ever you re working on.

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