It’s important to maintain a clean and tidy office to keep your workforce happy and to create a good impression to clients. However, it can sometimes be hard to remain at a level of neatness when your company is busy and you would rather that your team worked on increasing their profit margins, as opposed to constantly tidying up.

This is where having the correct equipment in place can really benefit your office environment. You require items that are easy to clean and will offer you extra space where it is sometimes in short supply. We have taken a look at some of the main reasons why adopting a slimline approach to your workplace is such a good idea.


It can help to reduce stress - 

When employees are able to work in a hygienic and tidy office, they will feel far less stressed and anxious. Having to work around other people’s untidy habits can spark disagreements and resentment amongst colleagues, which will be counter-productive to any working day. Slimline monitor stands will help to reduce this anxiety, as many harbour space underneath that can be utilised for extra storage and encourage those messier members of staff to organise themselves more. A tidy desk is a tidy mind!


It’s a real time saver - 

Once your employees have taken advantage of the extra space that a slimline monitor stand or laptop stand can provide, they will be more likely to keep it in a tidy state. It will prevent time being wasted when clients visit the business, as there will be no mad dash to spring clean the office to make it presentable.


It is better for your health - 

Dirty offices are breeding places for bacteria. This is bad for productivity, as staff are more likely to become ill and take time off work. Having slimline equipment on each desk will make it easier to to clean, especially if there is a supply of wipes in the office for your employees to use. Having stylish and functional hardware on a desk automatically gives people more pride in their work space to keep it clean!


Create a professional appearance - 

To help create a high standard of professionalism for your business, your office space needs to look the part. This will create an excellent first impression of you right from the start. Even if you are at the top of your game in your industry, a dishevelled and outdated office will set you back when potential clients visit. They will want to know that your staff are organised and are working with the very best equipment to help them to achieve their goals. Slimline stands certainly give a more modern and efficient appearance.


Slimline equipment that can help - 

Slimline monitor stands are a great solution that will help keep your workspace tidy as well as making it look modern and chic. The Slimline Premium Monitor Stand for example, is a glass topped monitor stand that can make any desk instantly more comfortable to work from. The aluminium supports mean that your monitor will be safe and secure, with storage space underneath for any annoying loose paperwork, as the stand will have created a lot more room on your desk.

The Slimline Aluminium Monitor Stand is excellent value for money, perfect if you only have a low budget to give your office an update. Not only will it keep your office tidy, but this stand has been designed with ergonomics in mind, raising the monitor to eye level to help prevent neck and back strain.


A clean and tidy office is essential if you want a productive, healthy, happy team. It will also prove to your clients and customers that your business is professional and hard working. Incorporating slimline monitor displays and laptop stands into your office will not only create more space, making it easier to keep desks clutter free, but they will also leave you with less equipment that will need cleaning.