Spending a comfortable day at the office can make all the difference to our working and personal life. Finding the correct position to work at your desk can help to improve your general health and well-being, as well as increasing your productivity as a result.

New to Desktop Innovations, Century Office have developed a range of Liberty sit/stand desks, in order to help you create a better working environment. We take a look at some of the key features and benefits of the ergonomic desk, to see how it could help you.



  • High quality design
  • Height adjustable desk
  • Easy to use operating control panel with LCD display
  • Anti-crush feature
  • Four memory settings, to remember your preferred sitting or standing positions
  • Power save feature
  • Fast and efficient, evenly lifting up to 80kgs at a rate of 30mm per second
  • Anti-lowering and anti-rising collision features
  • Two part telescopic leg for extended range
  • Height range of 715mm to 1190mm, which includes the desktop
  • Desktops are available in 5 finishes, white, walnut, beech, maple and oak
  • Available in 2 frame finishes, silver and white



  • A standing desk will allow you to change your position throughout the working day. It is recommended that we should sit for 30 minutes and then stand for 30 minutes, continuing to alternate as the day goes on. The 4 memory settings on the Liberty desk will allow you to reach these different positions with minimal effort and in no time at all.  
  • Ensuring that ergonomics in the workplace are up to a sufficient standard has a positive impact in the long term, for both employer and employees. It can create a happier environment and reduce the amount of time taken off sick due to aches and pains that might be related to poor posture from sitting at a desk.
  • The power save feature will help to ensure that there is no unnecessary wasting of electricity throughout the day and that it is only used in the short moments when the desk is being adjusted.
  • The sit/stand desk removes the need to improvise in adjusting your old desk or chair. You will no longer need to re-position your monitor several times a day to make yourself more comfortable and will not need to position yourself up and down with extra cushions in your chair.
  • The availability of different frame and worktop finishes will help you fit the sit/stand desks into your current office decor. They are stylishly designed and will look great as part of a modern office layout. The various desktop finishes are easy to clean and are very robust, perfect for everyday use.  

It is extremely worthwhile investing in a Century Office Liberty Sit/Stand Desk, either for your home office or workplace. The benefits are too good to ignore and it will revolutionise the way that you approach your working day.