We have all been guilty of using our laptop in the wrong way at some point. Sometimes we snuggle down with our computer on our laps in front of the TV or sit cross legged on the bed in such a way that we have to lean forwards to type. 

Doing this once every so often may not cause us lasting damage, but if you are working in this way for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, you will eventually start to notice aches and pains that you did not have before. Especially with so many of us working from home in this time of Covid 19, it is more important than ever to find a suitable way of using our laptops that will ensure that we are both comfortable and productive. We have put together some easy to follow steps that can help you to look after your body, whilst making the most of what space you have in the home or office.

Don’t use your lap as a table

If you can sit at a desk or table this will immediately improve your posture and allow your eyes to look naturally ahead, rather than downwards. We offer a wide range of laptop stands that can be used on whatever table space you have available, or even a laptop stand table that can fit over the top of your lap to provide a more lifted and stable working area.

Sit in the correct chair

Depending on where you are working from, it may not be possible to have an ergonomically designed office chair, although this will feature all of the benefits that you need to be comfortable. Otherwise, choose a chair in the home that has an upright angle or that has a slight recline, preferably that is padded at the back and on the seat.

Raise the screen

This is crucial for achieving a suitable height where you will not need to bend your neck, which in turn can put strain on your back. Even if you can only find some sturdy boxes to sit your laptop upon, this will certainly help achieve a better working position. Failing this, perhaps it is time to invest in a height adjustable standing desk, perfect for creating your ideal working space.

Have your feet flat on the floor

Ideally your knees should be at a right angle to your hips, in order to pull you into the correct working position. Where this is not possible, for instance if your chair is not adjustable in height, using an ergonomic footrest could be your key to comfort.

Use a separate keyboard

If you are working from a table or a desk, you will hopefully have a little bit of space at your disposal. Plugging in an external keyboard to your laptop means that you can have your hands and arms in the correct typing position, with an option to lift your laptop screen up to a suitable eye height. This will mean that you can also use mouse and keyboard accessories, such as a wrist rest, in order to make yourself more comfortable in your long working day.

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