It seems that the new normal will be to continue to work from home wherever possible, at least for the foreseeable future. In some cases employers have realised that they can efficiently keep their staff working from home on a permanent basis, with the output being more or less the same, technology helping teams to stay in touch and an opportunity to save eye-watering rent on business premises.

Now is a great time to fully organise your home working space, whether it be a room that you now call your office or a corner of the house that you have transformed into a comfortable workstation. These last few months have probably been a case of trial and error for how you have set yourself up, so we have put together a few home office essentials that will help to turn your make-shift desk area into a fully functional and ergonomically friendly workspace. These are just some of the highlights of what we can offer, so be sure to browse our website to find a whole range of solutions that you can incorporate into your new office space.

Ergonomic Footrests

If like many of us you’ve been raising your feet under the desk by resting them on the cat or dog, it’s time to invest in an Angled Height Adjustable Ergonomic Footrest. Raising your feet can help you to keep your posture straight by preventing you from leaning forward in your chair towards the computer screen. It will relieve pressure on your back and leg muscles, leading to a much more comfortable day at the home office. 

Monitor Stands and Risers

Is your makeshift monitor stand an unstable cardboard box? You won’t be alone in that, but it is an accident waiting to happen and is unlikely to be the correct height for you to use comfortably. Investing in a monitor stand will make all the difference, giving you an option to adjust it to a suitable height so that your eyes are resting in the best place without having to look up or down. It can also be a space saver for your desk area, as many monitor stands, such as the Ergonomic Height Adjustable Acrylic Monitor Stand, have ample room underneath to store keyboards and files. 

Ergonomic Chair

It is likely that most of us have been using whatever chair we happen to have in the house, such as a dining room chair, dressing table chair or even the sofa. This  may have been suitable in the short term, but looking forward it is important that we provide ourselves with the best chair possible, in order to look after our posture and long term health. An Orangebox Joy Chair for example will work wonders for keeping you comfortable all day long, reducing fatigue and preventing us from slouching forwards. It is fully adjustable too, so can be raised or lowered to suit you.

Standing Desk

When working from home you may find that you are moving around more than you would in the office, answering the door, making more cups of tea or simply trying to get in a little exercise between tasks. Perhaps you have never enjoyed sitting at a desk for too long at a time, finding it restricting or uncomfortable. If this sounds like you, then a Standing Desk could be the answer. Each one is fully adjustable and can be used as a sitting or a standing desk, so if you prefer to sit in the morning and stand in the afternoon, this will be easy and straightforward to arrange. It is perfect for enabling you to keep full concentration, to keep your posture healthy and for reducing muscular discomfort all over.

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