When sitting at a desk all day it is extremely important to ensure that you are using an ergonomically friendly chair, as this will keep you comfortable and pain free. Sitting for long periods of time can put pressure on the spine, causing fatigue and resulting in a lower level of productivity.

We have put together some information that you should take into consideration before choosing your next office chair. Whether you are working in an office or from home, the standard of the chair should be the same, allowing you to finish each day feeling energised and ache free.

Does the chair support your lower back?

You should always sit with your back flush to the rear of the chair. This will help you to keep your back straight and avoid you slumping forwards. A chair with lumbar support is vital, with padding that will keep you feeling comfortable. The Orangebox Seren Chair has ample back support as well as arm pads for comfort.

Is the chair adjustable?

Your feet should be flat on the floor, but as we are all different heights this may not be possible unless your chair is adjustable. A good chair, such as the Orangebox Joy Chair, will be adjustable in terms of height of the seat and also with the arm rests. Your thighs should be horizontal and your arms level with the desk for the most comfortable working position. This will allow you to relax your shoulders and prevent slouching or reaching too far.

Is there a swivel function?

If you can simply swivel your chair to the position you require, it will put much less strain on your body. It will help you to reach all areas of your desk without stretching, making everything easily accessible without effort. If the chair has wheels this is also a good feature, meaning that you can move to a different part of the office without needing to lift the chair off the floor, which in itself is a big risk to back health. The Orangebox Eva Task Chair has both a swivel function and wheels, as well as being incredibly stylish.

Some final points

Having a good width and depth in the seat of the chair will help to support your position. If you are tall or of a larger body type, you need to be sure that you are supported in all areas when seated, without struggling to fit yourself into a space that is far too small.

The fabric is also important as you will be sitting on it for most of your working day. Ideally it should be breathable which will prevent you from getting hot and sticky, something that will make you uncomfortable particularly during the summer months. The Orangebox Do Chair is a great example of a chair with temperature control and breathability. 

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