Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can leave you feeling sore and feeling out of sorts. Simply doing a few exercises at your desk has been proven to reduce these aches and pains so here are a few straightforward exercises that can be easily done at your desk.

1# Twist & Shout

A yoga exercise that helps to keep the spine limber, relaxed and safe from prolonged bad posture.
• Start off by sitting sideways on your chair, keeping the back of it on your right side.
• Place your feet flat on the floor and keeping your hips parallel to your knees; place each hand on opposite sides of the back of the chair.
• Rotate your torso slowly and gently toward the back of the chair, pushing yourself further around with your right hand whilst pulling yourself toward the chair with your left.
• You will feel a pull down your right side and once you do hold it for between 20-30 seconds, remembering not to hold your breath or otherwise alter it.
• Work it on out and once done, turn the chair so the back is on your left and twist again.

2# the Core

A simple exercise to help strengthen and tone your core muscles as well as your outer-thighs.
• Whilst sitting on your chair straighten your back, put your shoulders back and plant your pelvis firmly in the centre of your seat.
• Place your feet evenly apart so that your weight is going down them and into the floor evenly.
• Making sure not to bang your knee on your desk, move your pelvis or slouch toward it, raise your right leg and bring it as close to your chest as possible .
• You should feel a slight pulling sensation in your outer thigh but your core should be the hottest part due to the muscles tensing.
• Put your leg back down after a few seconds and raise up the left leg.
• Complete 8 cycles before taking a 30 second to a minute break and repeat the 8 cycles a final time.

3# Stretch Out & Wait

An effective way of releasing tension from the hamstrings, lower back and calves. (We recommend you not do this in a skirt or kilt)
• Push your chair far enough away from your desk so that only your heel is close enough to rest on its surface.
• Remembering to keep your back straight, place your right foot on the table and pull your foot as far back as you can, so your toes are pointing at you.
• Hold this for 10 seconds, before switching feet and repeating the process.
• On the second repetition of the cycle bend from your hip, reach out with the opposite arm and with your hands conducting the way touch your toes.

4# Get Down On It

An exercise that promotes muscular endurance and good posture while toning the muscles at the front of the thigh.
• Go to a wall and stand so your back is straight up against it and your feet shoulder width apart.
• Place your feet forward and then lower your back down the wall until your hips are in line with your knees.
• This can be quite strenuous and some people find it easier than others so hold it only as long as you feel you can, but the more you push the more you will benefit.
• Once you feel like you cannot hold it any longer, stand back up, get your back up off the wall and shake your legs out.

5# Magic Carpet Ride

Before you attempt this exercise ensure that you have a stable chair with sturdy arm rests.
• Sit in the centre of your chair and place your hands on each arm rest with your fingers facing outward.
• Push yourself away from the floor until your feet have left the ground and you are hovering above the seat.
• Some people may find it easier to stand up a little first and then raise their legs off the ground. This is fine to.
• Hold this as long as you can and then gently lower yourself down, repeating the process again after about a minute.

If you find these exercises undo able for whatever reason simply stretching out from time to time can help immeasurably. For more information on how to improve your physical well-being at work please click here.