imac-517449_1280Apple laptops and computers are often ranked amongst their owner's most beloved possessions, due in no small part to their usability, innovative desktop layout, and outstandingly high performance. There is no doubting the quality of iMac computers and MacBooks, and you only have to look at the sheer size of their range and the variety of exclusive software to know just how popular they are, but their prolific use does mean that without the use of ergonomic equipment a lot of people will be at risk of developing RSIs.

We have covered a number of Repetitive Strain Injuries – from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and DeQuervain's disease to Flexor Tenosynovitis and Tendinitis – throughout a number of our blog posts, and if you chose to give them a quick read you would see that they have one potential cause in common: prolonged computer use. We're not saying that using iMacs and MacBooks is inherently risky, nor are we suggesting that you will definitely develop an RSI if you continue using them improperly, what we are saying though is that by not using ergonomic iMac stands & MacBook risers for your Apple computers you are increasing your chances of developing a long-term, potentially debilitating, physical condition.

As well as being designed to suit the aesthetic qualities of iMac computers, iMac stands are intended to raise the monitor screen to a height that makes them easier to view, without putting unnecessary strain on your back, neck or eyes. In order to do this, ergonomic iMac stands position the screen so that the top of the monitor's frame is at the user's eye level, which will allow the user to view their iMac without having to slouch or look down.

MacBook stands on the other hand have a slightly different job. Laptop screens can already be adjusted to an extent, which means that less emphasis has to be placed on the screen's positioning. The issue that many users will experience with MacBooks, or rather the aspect of them that will put users at risk of developing an RSI, is the keyboard. Ergonomic MacBook risers are designed to position the keyboard at an angle that is easier and more natural for the user to type with, which will also encourage a better seating posture and arm placement.

Ergonomic iMac Stands & MacBook Risers On Desktop Innovations

We offer both ergonomic MacBook risers and iMac stands on Desktop Innovations, and to ensure that their users find them as helpful and convenient to use as possible, each have been designed to offer additional benefits as well as those you would expect from an ergonomic accessory of their kind.

Ergonomic iMac Monitor Stand


Designed to suit the exciting visual qualities that have allowed the iMac to achieve such a prominent position in the market, and in the heart's of their owners, our iMac stands raise the monitor up by 10cm to ensure the user's comfort and encourage a more healthy posture. What's more, our stands are available in a number of different colours, including 'glass effect', lemon yellow and pearlised white, not to mention they have an in-built keyboard shelf that will help to keep desks and work surfaces clear when the iMac is not being used.

Acrylic MacBook Stand

DB30 glass effect acrylic 2

Perfect for those who prefer to use an external keyboard and mouse, our MacBook Stand not only positions the laptop sat on top of it at an ideal working height, it also creates storage space underneath and has a circular cut out that can be used to thread cables through in order to prevent a messy-looking mass of wires. The area created under the supportive MacBook shelf is quite spacious and can be used to store keyboards, loose papers, DVD cases, textbooks and much more, making it the ideal ergonomic accessory for work, study or play.

Both our iMac stand and MacBook riser are made from acrylic plastic, and frankly we cannot imagine a better material for them. Acrylic is a rugged material with an outstanding level of durability, but despite its strength acrylic has an elegant look about it and can be polished to the point that it's almost frictionlessly smooth. Because acrylic is such a versatile material and comes in a variety of colours, we can offer you a number of customisable options, including branding, colour, shape and size. If you would like to discuss your needs or order your own personalised iMac stand or MacBook Riser, simply email us at or call us on 01752 897923.