Ergotron is one of the leading manufacturers of product led innovations, designed to improve the human relationship with the digital displays that we spend so much of our lives in front of.


For more than 30 years Ergotron have been extensively researching and creating ways to make us more comfortable in the workplace and to help us to increase productivity. Established by Harry Sweere in 1982, the company specialised in creating guidelines and compatibility for monitors and TV displays. These guidelines are still used today by the majority of ergonomic based manufacturers.


Ergotron have built themselves a highly regarded reputation for their passionate innovation, with a portfolio which includes mounting and mobility products for computer monitors, notebooks, tablets, flat panel displays, wall, ceiling and desk mounts, as well as desk stands, office furniture, carts and vertical lifts. With a headquarters in the USA and 4 divisions in Europe, Ergotron's products are sold throughout the world, helping to enhance the well-being of office workers everywhere. The name Ergotron is even a merging of the words ergonomics and electronics, the perfect name for a company who are experts in providing a balance in the workplace, for productivity and overall comfort.

Here are a few examples of the fantastic products that Ergotron have to offer, which can help to revolutionise your home office or workplace.


Ergotron Styleview Cart with LCD Pivot

This versatile cart is height adjustable with a sit/stand feature and can be moved effortlessly around your working environment. It is perfect for such professions as care work and for nurses, where you will often need to bring the equipment over to where the patient is sitting or standing. It can accommodate a range of devices, such as notebooks, monitors and tablets.


Ergotron Neoflex Combo Laptop and LCD Lift Stand

A simple solution to a cramped work area, this unit allows you to combine your laptop with an LCD display, whilst separating the mouse and keyboard to give you much more space. It will be easy to find your perfect working position with this ergonomic desk setup, which will be comfortable and work friendly, using the height, tilt and rotation options that are available.


Ergotron Workfit T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

This great product will transform your existing standard desk into a flexible and more comfortable place to work. Within seconds you will have transformed your desk into an ergonomic workstation, without any fixing or mounting required, simply raising or lowering the unit to your preferred sitting or standing height.


Ergotron Workfit C Single LD SIt-Stand Workstation

Keeping your workspace organised and versatile will never have been easier, with this handy unit. Height adjustable, it will give you the option to sit or stand whilst you work, without the need for any tools to assist you. The unit is set upon casters which means it is easy to move around your ergonomic workplace, making this perfect for medical environments.