Hot desking is something that has become increasingly popular over recent years, although it is currently on a short hiatus following social distancing guidelines where we are unable to share desks. 

At some point in the future this system will be allowed once again, with the possibility of it being even more common than before. This is due to the fact that during the Covid 19 lockdown, many companies realised they do not need all of their staff in the office all of the time, giving them the opportunity to move to smaller premises and have certain members of staff only come in once or twice a week when there is a free desk. We have taken a closer look at the idea of hot desking to see if your company will be able to benefit from it in the future.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is the sharing of a space, where no one person has ownership to that desk. This enables different people to be in the office on different days of the week, without the worry of having somewhere to sit, as if the system is well organised, the hot desk will be free on the day that you have arranged. Even if your employees are always in the office all at once, you can still use the hot desking system, so that no-one has an assigned desk at any time. 

What are the benefits of hot desking?

  • You can have less people in the office at one time - this enables your company to move to a smaller and more affordable space, then arrange your employees on a rota for them to be able to visit the office to work if necessary. 
  • You can bond with new people each week - often we become used to our own little bubble of people in the office and miss out on the chance to get to know the wider team. Hot desking means that you might be sitting next to someone new every time you are in the office, allowing you to make friends, source new ideas and share workloads if they are in a unique position to help.

How do I start hot desking?

  • Start a desk rota so that you know what day someone is due to come into the office to sit at a particular desk. Only one person needs control of this rota, to help avoid confusion and to allow for a last minute switch around if you so choose.
  • Have a small list of tidy duties that each person must do at the end of their day on that desk so that is ready for the next employee. This could be wiping down the area so that it is clean, putting all stationary and files back where you have taken it from or setting all equipment back to its original position if it has been moved.

Is there equipment that can help?

If you are planning to start using a hot desking system in your office, then now is a great time to invest in some equipment that can help to prepare each space for different users who may all have varying needs. 

Adjustable monitor stand

These are easy to use and will change the height of a monitor within seconds. This will enable each employee to set up their work area ergonomically when they arrive, perfect for hot deskers who are different heights and will need the monitor higher or lower.

Height adjustable standing desk

Ergonomically friendly and easy to use, a standing desk is perfect for the health of the back and neck, as well as being easy to adjust to a height that suits the employee of the day. You can change the height in seconds and it has the ability to be used standing up or sitting down.

Height adjustable chair

An office chair needs to be comfortable and if you are hot desking, it also needs to be adjustable to suit all heights and body types.