Hailed by some as the Gold Standard of desktop computing, the Apple iMac Computer has been through several incarnations since it first appeared in 1999, all of which have been celebrated not only for their incredible processing power and functional operating software, but also their innovative design and aesthetic value; making them just as much a fashion accessory as a computing device.

Despite their popularity and eye-catching design, iMacs – like all computers – are rarely practical from an ergonomic standpoint. For instance to be safe for long term use and to reduce the chance of its user developing an RSI or straining their eyes, monitors need to be placed at a height so that the top ridge of the screen is at eye level. The majority of iMac users are sadly unaware of this, and with iMacs being so popular in both home and office environments it is important that steps are taken to provide adequate protection for those who use them.

One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of providing protection to iMac users is a simple iMac stand. These stands are developed explicitly for iMac use and are available in a range of designs that will compliment the artistic aesthetics of the iMac computer. A lot of the stands available on the market will also provide other benefits in addition to their ergonomic ones, for example some will have adjustable heights to suit multiple users, or a ledge which can be used to house papers or the keyboard when it's not in use.

Ergonomic iMac Stands With Extras

This brings us neatly to the main event; our pick of what we think are the top 5 really cool iMac stands available on the market today, and they all just so happen to be practical and ergonomic too.

Ergonomic iMac Monitor Stand

Imac standMade by us here at Desktop Innovations, this iMac monitor stand not only benefits from its ergonomic height and its integrated keyboard storage area, but also from being made from acrylic. Available in crystal clear transparency and in a wide range of colours, being made from acrylic grants this monitor stand incredible endurance and strength; making it the ideal stand to entrust the safety of your iMac to.

iMac Sense White

Designed for those who need to use their computer whilst standing, this iMac stand is perfect for exhibitions, conferences and meeting rooms. The iMac monitor can be securely attached to the stand, preventing it from being stolen or knocked off accidentally, and the wheels attached to the stands base mean that it can be easily moved and transported.

I360 iMac Turntable

Ideal for situations in which a monitor needs to be shared or viewed by others, this chic iMac turntable is capable of full 360° rotation and also raises your monitor to a slightly more ergonomic height. This iMac stand is quite wide and is made from steel, there by ensuring that it will provide the monitor with a firm, solid basis on which to stand.

Ergotron WorkFit-A Stand-Sit iMac Workstation

This adjustable iMac monitor arm does more than just support the screen at an ergonomic height, it allows the user the freedom to work standing or sitting due to its incredible reach and wide range of motion. This monitor arm also contains several connected surfaces which are designed to house the iMac's keyboard, mouse and any other accessories or documents that you may need close by.

Bretford MobilePro iMac Desk Mount Combo

Perfect for those who love their apple products, this iMac monitor stand also includes a second area on which you can also place a MacBook, MacBook pro or any other laptop; allowing you to view both simultaneously. Both arms posses integrated cable management channels and are fully articulating, granting them a range of movement that will allow you to place both at a height ideal to you.