It used to be that if you wanted speakers that would provide good sound quality and be able to do the songs you loved justice, you would have to go for ones as big and cumbersome as the computers or televisions that you wanted to play the sound from. Fortunately for us, the second the Sony Walkman was released research began on how to shrink speakers down to the same compact size as the portable cassette player, without compromising the quality of the sound they played.

Naturally we had headphones and earphones, but even now they are never able to replicate the clarity of sound that proper speakers are capable of, and even if they could, they can only really be used by on person, two at most. The collective love of music is apparent by just how many genres of music are out there, not to mention the fact that bands and singers like The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Janice Joplin, The Drifters, The Four Tops etc. are still being listened to, en masse, over 50 years after their careers began, or in some cases ended.

It is this appreciation of music that has allowed and driven music players to evolve from the tape-playing Walkman to the wide range of MP3 players that are available on the market today; even our phones have become as much about playing our music as they are about connecting us with others. It is because a lot of us are passionate about the songs we enjoy, there is an almost compelling urge to share it with those around us, which is exactly why, in the same way that music players have evolved over the last 30 years, speakers have grown and changed too.

The speakers we have available to us today are almost alien when compared to the large, static sound systems of the 80's, which is evident from no more than a single glance at our range of top Bluetooth and wireless speakers. Capable of producing the highest calibre of sound, the quality of music played by the portable speakers available on Desktop Innovations is determined only by the quality of the music itself; and because they are so easy to carry around, you and those around you will be able to enjoy hours of music whilst sat next to a pool, hanging out in the park, relaxing in the garden or wherever!

The Best Portable Speakers

Our selection of top portable speakers have been chosen not only for the sound they produce, but also their convenience. From Bluetooth connectivity to long-life rechargeable batteries, our speakers are comfortable moving at a fast pace and are always ready to provide the kind of crystal clear sound clarity that music was made to be listened at.

Kakkoii Wow Wireless Speakers


Available in a wide range of vivid, eye-catching colours, the Kakkoii Wow Wireless Speakers are incredibly powerful, especially when you take into consideration it's slight stature. This discreet little speaker will play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device and is made with a protective rubber outer shell, making it incredibly durable.

Kitsound Pocketboom XB Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Kitsound PocketBoom

As its name suggests the Kitsound Pocketboom XB speaker plays music via a Bluetooth connection, but it also comes with an in-built rechargeable battery, so when we say it's 'wireless' we literally mean there are NO wires! These compact, portable speakers are available in 5 vibrant colours and can play music consistently for 5 hours. Better still, the battery can be fully recharged and ready to go again in 2.

Kitsound Invader Portable Speakers

Kitsound invader

With a battery life of six hours and a recharge time of two, the Kitsound Invader is capable of producing the same bass as a sub-woofer many times its size – making it the perfect party speaker. Coming in one of six colours, this portable speaker can be plugged into computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPods, iPads, and any other kind of MP3 player or tablet.

Kitsound Ignite Bluetooth Speaker

Kitsound Ignite

Fashionable and powerful, the Kitsound Ignite is one of the most advanced speakers available, being able to pick up Bluetooth signals from up to 10 metres away! With an output of 6 watts and a play time of up to ten consistent hours, this portable Bluetooth speaker is guaranteed to keep everyone dancing all night long!

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Alem Al-Khamiri