Winners of the Queen's Awards For Enterprise: International Trade 2014, Orangebox specialise in the development of modern office furniture, placing a particular emphasis on aesthetics and ergonomic functionality. Unlike the uncomfortable and uninspired pieces of office furniture that a lot of us are familiar with, Orangebox understands that the more friendly and inviting a work environment is, the more happy and productive those who work there will be.

There is of course no point in making a functional office product if is going to clash with the average office décor, which is why their ergonomic furniture is available in a range of vivid, vibrant colours, and in a number of different styles; none of which come across as garish or ostentatious.

It is obviously in their interest to produce office furniture that appeals to employers and those that furnish an office, but Orangebox office furniture is also very much about those using them. For example, each chair, as well as being highly adjustable, is available with a selection of potential accessories and extras; including headrests, additional lumbar and arm support, fabric options and more.

Orangebox On Desktop Innovations

Orangebox consider value and flexibility to be their office furniture's two most important and extraordinary qualities, and we believe that this is nothing if not clear from the way their products are presented and the many features and benefits that they offer their users. We are privileged enough to be able to offer a small – but growing – range of Orangebox's innovative office furniture; and here are just a couple of their products which we are currently able to offer our customers.

Orangebox Seren Chair

Orangebox Seren Chair 1

Available in 6 different colours, the Orangebox Seren Chair has a high potential for personalisation, and features back and seat moulded foam cushions, ergonomic arm pads, height and depth adjustable seating and unrestricted movement – as standard.

Orangebox Adaptable Office Screens

Orangebox Adaptable Office Screens

A lot of rented office spaces these days are open-planned, and as a result can have quite a dull, sterile feel to them. Whilst the aesthetics of the Orangebox Adaptable Office Screens are great for completely obliterating this – frankly unbecoming – impression, they are also unbelievably functional, as both sides of these office screens are able to pull their weight and offer something; be it seating, work surfaces or additional storage spaces. Needless to say, these Adaptable Office Screens are incredible value for money.

Orangebox Acoustic Meeting Room Pod

Orangebox Acoustic Meeting Room Pod

Necessitated by the aforementioned modern, open-plan office, the Orangebox Acoustic Meeting Room Pod is designed to provide a place where business can be conducted privately and away from the hustle and bustle of the contemporary working environment. Made up of  five clear panels, two coloured panels and a sliding door, the Orangebox Acoustic Meeting Room Pod has a number of other features – such as integrated power sockets, light controls and air conditioning – which makes it a must-have for any open-planned office.

Though many of the Orangebox products offered on Desktop Innovations are available to order directly through our site, you are more than welcome to contact us directly over the phone to discuss your specific requirements and obtain prices. To take a look at all Orangebox products currently available on Desktop Innovations, please visit our Orangebox category.

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