When it comes to giving Christmas presents it can be difficult to know what people will want. Do you get them something they will want? Or something they will need? At what point do you start to go with functionality over fun? Well what if we told you you didn't have to make that choice, because on Desktop Innovations we make sure that all the products we offer are practical, ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and – most of all – exciting to use!

Christmas presents should always be given from the heart, and whilst it is nice to surprise people, it is just as important to listen to what your loved ones say and choose their gifts accordingly. People are constantly dropping hints, whether they mean to or not, and all you have to do to make Christmas 2014 the greatest gift-giving experience so far is listen.

Perfect Presents For Christmas

Laptop & MacBook Stands

Laptops are ideal for both working on the go and being able to watch your favourite program or DVD wherever you want around the house; but because most surfaces we place them on are made to suit every potential user, chances are we will have to slouch or strain to view them adequately.

DB30  glass effect acrylic

Ergonomic laptop stands are a fantastic and affordable way of preventing the pain and discomfort that will undoubtedly follow prolonged laptop use, and because they are available in such a wide range of designs you are all but certain to find one that will perfectly suit your needs, or the needs of your friends and family.

Portable Ergonomic Laptop & iPad Stand

Just a little tip. Many of us like to lie in bed and watch something on our laptops and MacBooks, but placing them directly onto a mattress or pillow will prevent them from being able to properly ventilate and cause them to overheat. If you, or anyone you know, have a fondness for using their laptops in bed, make sure that you get them one of our raised, ventilated laptop stands.

iMac Stands & Monitor Risers

DB23 imac colours

Perfect for both home and office use, thanks to their ergonomic design and pleasing aesthetics, monitor stands are a must have for anyone who uses computers on a day-to-day basis. Now you might have just thought to yourself “a monitor stand doesn't seem like a particularly glamorous gift!” and compared to an iPad you're probably right, but considering how beneficial they are to those who use them, it'll certainly show that you have put a lot of loving thought into your choice.


As well as being available in a number of different styles and colours, we ensure that our range of iMac stands and monitor risers are affordable, so they can be given as secondary gifts to those whose may be getting a Windows or Apple Mac computer as their Main Christmas present.

Mooki Sac

Mooki Sac Bag

One of our most popular ranges of Smartphone and tablet accessories, we offer several different Mooki Sacs in a variety of different colours; any of which would make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one this Christmas

Mooki Sac Phone Case

Wireless Speakers

It's hard to think of anyone who isn't passionate about the songs they love, and it's practically a scientific fact that boring jobs, like ironing, go considerably quicker when you're able to listen to the songs you love. With those two indisputable reasons in mind, all you have to worry about now is which one of our range of speakers you'll choose to give on December 25th – and wish you'd have kept to yourself by December 26th.

Kakkoii WOW Wireless Speakers: Available in several bright and vivid colours, these speakers produce amazing sound quality and are made from moulded rubber; making them the perfect present for those who are a little clumsy.

Kakkoii Red

Kitsound Pocketboom XB Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: Compact and colourful, these Kitsound speakers are completely wireless, have an exceedingly long battery life and are compatible with iPods, iPads, smartphones, and just about every other Bluetooth enabled device.


Kitsound Invader Portable Speakers: Capable of reaching the kind of volume that is considered impressive for a speaker over twice its size, this is undeniably the ideal gift for music lovers who like to listen to their tunes on the go.


Kitsound Ignite Bluetooth Speaker: Available in black or white, the design and power of the Kitsound Ignite – not to mention its 10 hour playtime – has led to it becoming one of our most highly sought after speakers, and the perfect gift for Christmas 2014.

Kitsound Ignite Bluetooth Speaker

Smartphone Accessories

Cases and speakers are not the only kinds of accessories we deal with; in fact if you pay a visit to the Desktop Innovations Smartphone Accessories category you will find a selection of high-tech gadgets – from the Ergo 'Aircharge' Wireless Phone Charger to the Sony SmartBand – that are easy to use despite being truly cutting-edge.


What has been mentioned above is just a glimpse at the kind of products which we have to offer of Desktop Innovations, and we hope that you're now feeling sufficiently inspired to make yours the best presents of Christmas 2014.


Post By Alem Al Khamiri

Alem Al-Khamiri