About Us

Desktop Innovations was a part of Luminati Waycon Ltd since January 2007. In 2014, Luminati decided to create ‘The Crystal Clear Partnership’ which focuses on a select range of products including the desktop products on the Desktop Innovations website. In 2018 it was incorporated into EMX Dynamics Ltd to enable us to provide the best levels of customer service and innovative product selection.

It is not just the imaginative designs and the exceptional quality that make this collection so special, but the fact that as manufacturers we are in complete control of everything we do.

This means we can offer a design service tailored to your needs and can react quickly to your ideas and feedback, without being dependent on a third party.

Commitment to Environment 

Living in the beautiful UK county of Devon - here in the countryside - makes us even more aware of our responsibility to the environment. Hence all our acrylic products are over 97% recyclable. 

Our Great Team 

We believe people make a business, hence we value and respect all our staff, always encouraging innovation and listening to ideas. We are lucky to have a team of loyal and happy employees who enjoy their work and who have worked hard to build the business with pride and satisfaction. 

If you have bespoke requirements for any of the products on our website, please talk to our team on 01752 897923 or sales@desktop-innovations.co.uk